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Doggy's Doghouse 4/1/18


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Ok....maybe partly cloudy???? I took a day off to get my thoughts together on this game and season.

You know me, I'm always on the optimistic side of things and even with this devastating loss I'm still smiling.

I was going to give you a big write up about the game but because I've been so busy with the holiday and company at my son's house, I haven't  had the time. I was emailing with my good friend and UConn fan Joan better known as UConn Cat and she gave me permission to use her write up about the game. I hope you find it as solid an analysis of the game as I did.

UConn Cat -

It feels worse than last year's loss, partly because it was Notre Dame and partly because they had control of the game, lost it, made a great comeback with a chance to win, didn't win and then made another great comeback only to lose on a last minute shot.  Geno said this one hurts more and I understand why he said that.  

I actually went back and re-watched the 2nd half which is something I never did with the MSU loss.  I knew UConn would have trouble defending Notre Dame, especially in the paint.  I was in Albany and although the win over SC was by a decisive margin, UConn offered less defensive resistance in the paint than I expected and the game would have been different had SC had guards who could make a shot. 

I expected ND to score but I didn't expect 59 combined points from Arike + Jackie Young.  Geno said they focused on Arike and Mabrey and didn't think they had the players to stop all 3.  He was right.  But so many of Young's points were off offensive rebounds which players can do something about.  It's not like Young is a big player or great leaper.  She's under 6-feet for god's sake!  Arike took 21 shots and made 9.  She's hard to stop one on one and Nurse did all she could do.  They did a good job on Mabrey but it was Young who killed them.  Grab a freakin' rebound.   Z had some good blocks but she also missed some switches and made other defensive mistakes in the 2nd half.  

I get the difficulty in defending ND.  But the issues on the offensive end were mind-boggling.   Notre Dame's zone was more aggressive than they had shown in the tournament but UConn looked totally unprepared.  The ND defenders really extended the zone but UConn couldn't figure out how to consistently get the ball in the middle of the lane.  Credit ND for cutting down the passing lanes but that's when Crystal needs to take over and begin penetrating with the dribble.   Nurse is not that kind of guard.  Crystal just never did it until the end and it was too late.  Another problem was Lou took 2 shots in the 2nd half.  Two shots!   She was clearly limping in the 4th quarter but what did they try to do to get her more shots?  Still, despite being back on their heels offensively, they were up 8 points with 6 minutes to go.  They then committed several mind-boggling turnovers -- Lou threw the ball to ND and later threw it out of bounds and CD threw a pass to Arike.  I think Gabby had a turnover too.  They were killers.  

And then there's the free throws.  UConn is a passing team without a big guard who can get to the rim and draw contact and no post players who are good at drawing fouls.  Nurse and Lou aren't that type of guard and CD really isn't either because of her size.  Christyn Williams will be next year.  

So that's my take.  They'll be good next year but losing Gabby and Nurse defensively will hurt.  The issues in the paint will remain.  They could have used the Australian kid and were close to getting her.  I expect Z to return and I have no reason to believe Walker is going anywhere.  They both need to get better.  Lou should be healthier and Napheesa will be her usual steady self.  Williams will be really good.  But ND should be as good if not better next year which is scary.  Geno and the team have work to do for next year.  

Thanks Cat for you great insight on the game. It was a tough loss but I totally enjoyed the season.


By David in Naples!!!!!

From the Miss. State versus Louisville game, only three Numbers matter. And the were hardly Fun.

1. The game featured 132 combined shots.
2. Of those shots, 52 went in.
3. On 52 baskets, both teams combined for only 16 assists.

Dribble, dribble, dribble, shoot. Worse than high school basketball. SMH..! 😩

Lots of sad numbers in the UConn game. For example, 17 turnovers in regulation play. Or, 15 missed threes. But the number that needs explaining is the fact that UConn’s starting five players took 1 free throw all game, plus overtime. In sharp contrast, Notre Dame’s five starters took 23. Just saying... :(


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How To Prepare For The Agony Of Defeat

1. Make sure your monogrammed team emblemed footed and hooded PJ’s are fresh, soft and smell good AND on your pillow. If you can crawl there you want them close, close, close.

2. Have Mom’s phone number set as Numero Uno on your speed dial.

3. Your Rabbie (no, not your rabbi), that almost bare little bunny you cuddled as a child … yup, right next to your footed PJs.

4. Have your favorite Decadent Food We Deliver! As Numero Dos on your speed dial and maybe your second favorite as Tres.

5. Go to your local bank kiosk and withdraw a minimum of $500, no, better make it $700. Better, if the bank is open get it in $Tens. No sense throwing it away, right?

6. Put the money in a small pillow case (roll it up a bit so it’s fairly shallow - 12 inches or so). Nail it next to the door jam just to the right of your security chain on your front door. When the food comes you don’t want to be fumbling for cash or wondering if the last delivery guy walked off with your card.

7. Hopefully you’re a drinker? Then I don’t have to explain the drinker’s Lay-Away Plan. However, you may not be familiar with the bedside bar and bucket approach to sports bereavement drinking. Need I draw a diagram?

8. Hard drug user? How do you spell Narcan? Hopefully when you feel yourself going you’ll hit a vein with that stuff. Better yet, hire a private duty nurse and hope you just nod off to your happy place.

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10. As a last resort you can start attending Loser Sports Fans Anonymous. Founded by a Whalers fan too long ago for me to remember, it now has Chapters in all major sports cities and some smaller college towns. The Hartford Chapter has been active for the last few years, moves monthly and it’s number is 406-357-XXXX.


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