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Doggy's Doghouse 1/21/18



I asked Logan to call Geno and see what is up with the three injured players.

He told Logan that Dangerfield and Williams are good to go. Samuelson? He will decide Sunday.

After talking about the Tulsa game with my friend Jane, I had a few more thoughts about how Geno gave minutes to the bench.  

She reminded me that Stewart felt the wrath of Geno her freshman year as did almost every other freshman that has played with Geno.

While Geno's offense is tough to master, his switching defense is even harder. You have to know when to leave you man to give help defense. You do that wrong and your player is wide open or you are late to help your teammate and HER player is open. It's all timing and you an only get that with repetition. None of these freshman are really ready to excel at that.

The only one close to getting it is Kyla. As Jane said to me "Kyla has a future as an enforcer/blue collar type of player. I like what I see, even when she goofs, she recovers quickly". So true.

So when Geno put the entire bench in at once you had 5 players that didn't get it. He had to know how that would turn out. Sunday, I'm really hoping he subs in only one or two bench players at once. At least have 3-4 starters in at the same time. It gives experience to the team on the court and the subs can learn from them. 

Ah....what do I Hopefully Geno will figure this team out.    


Natalie continues to lead the nation in rebounding, adding 19 to her total in the game against Richmond on this past Wednesday. She added 17 points. That is 18 consecutive double-doubles so far this season to lead the nation as well.

She is now averaging 18.2 PPG and 15.4 RPG. I don't care where you are playing, those are some great numbers.

You think she might have helped against Texas? I certainly do.     

By David in Naples!!!!!

David is taking the night off to be with his kids. The nerve!!!!!

So, here are some numbers to tide you over until he returns.

UConn's ranking in NCAA team stats!!

Assist TO Ratio - 1.65 2nd (Mercer leads)
Assists PG - 21.8 4th (Drake leads) UConn had the lead but the last two game killed them.
Blocked shots per game - 5.5 21st (William & Mary leads)
Defensive rebounds per game - 31 7th (Baylor leads)
Fewest Fouls - 214 2nd (Dartmouth leads)
Fouls Per Game - 12.6 3rd (Chattanooga leads)
Fewest Turnovers - 225 18th (Villanova)
FG% - 52.4 1st!!!
FG% defense - 33.9 6th (Baylor leads)
Rebound Margin - 9.1 19th (Missouri Leads)
Rebounds per game - 42.71 33rd (Stanford Leads)
Scoring Defense - 55.9 19th (Green Bay leads)
Scoring Margin - 33.2 2nd (Baylor leads)
Scoring Offense - 89.1 2nd (Baylor leads)
Steals per game - 10.6 40th (Lamar leads)
3 point % - 39.2 11th (Oregon State leads)
Turnover Margin - 4.94 36th (Lamar leads)

And Most importantly W-L record - 17-0 tied for first with Louisville and Mississippi St.

The most important number of the blog????

David in Naples has posted 400 of his numbers since I've been blogging.

THANKS David!!!!


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