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DoggyDaddy's UConn/Temple II Pre Game Report

UCONN vs Temple
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017
 XL Center
 Hartford, CT.  
Time: 7:00

No. 1 UConn 26-0 (13-0)                       No. 23 Temple 21-5 (10-2)
 Head to Head games

UConn has played Temple 10 times in their history, winning the last 8 after losing twice in the PG era (pre-geno).
1/16/81 L 68-71 A
1/16/82 L 49-62 H
3/23/10 W 90-36 N
1/11/14 W 80-36 H
1/28/14 W 93-56 A
1/14/15 W 92-58 H
2/1/15 W 83-49 A
1/16/16 W 104-49 H
2/14/16 W 85-60 A
2/1/17 W 97-69 A

Highlights of the last game between these two teams 


Both Temple and UConn come into this game winning their last 5 games since last playing each other on February 1st.

Temple is playing some really good basketball starting with the second half of the first matchup with UConn. They have beaten Tulane 76-50, Tulsa 70-43, East Carolina76-43, SMU 66-52 and No. 22 South Florida 77-71. That's a little big more than 26 margin of victory. The Owls are on fire!

Still number one and undefeated, UConn is also coming off  5 wins since the last matchup with Temple. UConn defeated Tulsa 96-50, Cincinnati 96-49, SMU 83-41, South Carolina 66-55 and Tulane 63-60. UConn's offense has clearly been subpar over the last 2-3 games. Against South Carolina, who plays pretty good defense and Nurse only playing made a lot of sense that it would be a low scoring game. But the game against Tulane has to be an aberration or this this could see some future struggles. We will find out more in this game.
Stat by Stat Comparison

 Leader is bolded

      UCONN                                          Temple

                                           85.1         Points Per Game                     70.9
                                           54.0         Opp Points Per Game             59.1
                                           .512         Field Goal %                           .396
                                           .344         Opp Field Goal %                   .371
                                           .387         3 Point Field Goal %              .328
                                           .263         Opp 3 Point Field Goal %      .271
                                           .772         Free Throw %                         .702
                                            39.4         Rebounds Per Game               42.6
                                            33.4         Opp Rebounds Per Game       38.5
                                            22.9         Assists Per Game                   14.9
                                            12.5         Turnovers Per Game              13.3
                                              1.8         Assists/Turnover Ratio            1.1
                                            10.2         Steals Per Game                      7.7
                                              4.7         Blocks Per Game                    3.3


UConn Starters

Katie Lou  Samuelson
33 Katie Lou Samuelson
6'3" Sophomore Guard/Forward

Last UConn/Temple Game - 32 min, 24 pts, 4 rbs, 2 assts, 1 stl  

MPG 31.2, FG% .486, 3PT% .418, FT% .813, PPG 20.6, RPG 3.8, APG 2.7

24 Napheesa Collier
6'1" Sophomore Forward/Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 34 min, 25 pts, 10 rbs, 2 assts, 3 stls, 4 blks  

MPG 29.8, FG% .669, 3PT% .344, FT% .817, PPG 19.3, RPG 8.8, APG 2.1

15 Gabby Williams
5'11" Junior Forward

Last UConn/Temple Game - 24 min, 14 pts, 2 rbs, 6 assts, 1 steal, 4 blks  

MPG 28.6, FG% .550, 3PT% .167, FT% .671, PPG 12.9, RPG 8.8, APG 5.3

12 Saniya Chong
5'8" Senior Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 31 min, 12 pts, 4 rbs, 6 assts, 1 steal

MPG 29.0, FG% .470, 3PT% .405, FT% .800, PPG 7.8, RPG 2.5, APG 4.0

Crystal  Dangerfield
5 Crystal Dangerfield
5'5" Freshman Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 18 min, 6 pts, 1 rbs, 1 asst, 1 steal

MPG 23.2, FG% .379, 3PT% .302, FT% .529, PPG 5.7, RPG 2.3, APG 3.3

UConn Bench

51 Natalie Butler
6'5" RS Junior Center

Last UConn/Temple Game - 19 min, 8 pts, 4 rbs, 1 assts, 2 blks

MPG 16.7, FG% .484, 3PT% .000, FT% .750, PPG 5.4, RPG 4.7, APG 1.1

Molly  Bent
10 Molly Bent
5'9" Freshman Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 5 min, 0-1

MPG 10.7 FG% .267, 3PT% .286, FT% .625, PPG 1.1, RPG 1.7, APG 1.5

Kyla  Irwin
25 Kyla Irwin
6'2" Freshman Forward

Last UConn/Temple Game - 3 min, 1 steal

MPG 8.1, FG% .415, 3PT% .250, FT% .684, PPG 2.3, RPG 1.5, APG .5

20 Tierney Lawlor
5'7" Senior Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 2 min

MPG 3.2, FG% .000, 3PT% .000, FT% .500, PPG 0.1, RPG .3, APG .1

Out for the game 

11 Kia Nurse
6' Junior Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 32 min, 8 pts, 2 rbs, 4 assts, 2 steal

MPG 32.7, FG% .462, 3PT% .422, FT% .857, PPG 12.8, RPG 2.4, APG 4.2


Tonya Cardoza
Head Coach

Tonya Cardoza recently completed her eighth season on North Broad Street, after proving time and again that she was the right person for the job of continuing and building upon the success of Temple women’s basketball.

Temple's 2015-16 season marked the second-straight 20-win campaign, as Cardoza guided the Owls to an overall mark of 23-12. In the tough American Athletic Conference, Temple finished third, compiling an impressive 13-5 record, the best finish for the team in American history. During the regular season, Temple made waves with a six-game win streak, including a thrilling 68-66 win over #20 USF. The culmination of the 2015-16 season again saw the Owls earn a post-season bid. The team advanced to the quarterfinals of the 2016 WNIT, before a narrow 77-76 loss at Michigan. Individually, Cardoza's guards again shined, as sophomore Alliya Butts earned the program's first American Athletic Conference first team nod, while also being named a first-team All-Big five selection.

Temple University (2008-present)
Head Coach Five seasons

Season     Overall     Conf.     Postseason
2008-09     21-10     11-3 A-10        NCAA
2009-10     25-9     11-3 A-10        NCAA
2010-11     24-9        13-1 A-10       NCAA
2011-12     23-10     13-1 A-10        WNIT
2012-13    14-18        5-9 A-10
2013-14    14-16       8-10 American
2014-15    20-17    12-6 American    WNIT Final Four
2015-16    23-12    13-5 American    WNIT Quarterfinals
Totals        164-101     86-38

2011 Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year
2011 Philadelphia Big 5 Coach of the Year
2010 Philadelphia Big 5 Coach of the Year
2009 Philadelphia Big 5 Coach of the Year

Temple Starters

Alliya Butts
15 Alliya Butts 
5'4" Sophomore Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 35 min, 13 pts, 2 rbs, 5 assts, 2 steal, 6 TOs

MPG 33.8, FG% .342, 3PT% .322, FT% .794, PPG 14.6, RPG 2.7, APG 3.2

Feyonda Fitzgerald
2 Feyonda Fitzgerald
5'7" Junior Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 30 min, 7 pts, 2 rbs, 7 assts, 2 steal

MPG 35.0, FG% .395, 3PT% .321, FT% .816, PPG 16.9, RPG 3.6, APG 7.3

Ruth Sherrill
12 Ruth Sherrill
6' Senior Forward

Last UConn/Temple Game - 16 min, 6 pts, 6 rbs, 1 assts

MPG 21.8, FG% .525, 3PT% .000, FT% .520, PPG 4.8, RPG 6.9, APG .6

Safiya Martin
35 Safiya Martin 
6'4" Senior Center

Last UConn/Temple Game - 12 min, 4 pts, 2 rbs

MPG 15.1, FG% .417, 3PT% .000, FT% .643, PPG 1.9, RPG 3.2, APG .2

Donnaizha Fountain
32 Donnaizha Fountain 
6'0" Sophomore Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 23 min, 6 pts, 1 rbs

MPG 29.2, FG% .421, 3PT% .363, FT% .776, PPG 14.7, RPG 7.8, APG .9

Temple Bench

Tanaya Atkinson
22 Tanaya Aikenson
5'9" Sophomore Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 35 min, 20 pts, 10 rbs, 4 assts, 1 steal

MPG 28.5, FG% .477, 3PT% .222, FT% .611, PPG 12.3, RPG 8.2, APG .9

  Khadijah Berger
21 Kadijiah Berger
5'10 Sophomore Guard

Last UConn/Temple Game - 25 min, 12 pts, 3 rbs, 2 assts

MPG 21.0, FG% .304, 3PT% .362, FT% .714, PPG 4.6, RPG 2.9, APG 1.5

 Game Analysis

Temple is having a great season and just entered the top 25 at No. 23 this week. They are also sitting at an 8 seed in the latest Bracketology and that is before their win against South Florida. In that game they played five guards for the majority of the game with their two bigger players getting 17 and 21 minutes each.      

Temple is led by 5'7" Feyonda Fitzgerald. She is a very quick player and a terrific passer averaging 7.6 assist per game. Last game Nurse did a nice job defending her but with Nurse out, she will be a handful. Fitzgerald is not a great outside shooter, making only 32% of her threes. But she uses the threat of a three pointer to give her driving opportunities where she will more than likely dish to an open teammate.

Her backcourt mate is their 5'4" dynamo, Alliya Butts. The junior guard continues to take her game to another level. She loves the three pointer, with over half of her shots coming from beyond the arc. She takes around 40% of the Owls' three pointers at about at about 8 per game. The problem is she only makes 31% of them.

Temple has been on fire lately led by Fitzgerald shooting 39% for the last 5 games on threes. Donhaizha Fountain has shot 41% on threes over the same timeframe and even Butts has been hitting at a higher clip shooting 35% since the first UConn game.     

Temple loves to throw the ball around the perimeter until a drive opportunity shows up. They will either go to the basket or kick out for a three. But they generate most of their offense from their defense. You can see the "Geno" influence in their aggressive defensive play. They will run off misses and off turnovers and they are really, really good at it.

UConn has a big advantage inside and they are going to have to take full advantage of that. Temple's only size is 6'4" Safiya Martin, who only gets around 16 minutes each game. She is just not capable of staying with the UConn front court. There is no one on Temple to cover Williams, Collier and Samuelson and all three should have big games, but expect Collier to dominate play.

UConn's defense was excellent in the first outing against Temple in the first half but allowed 51 points in the second half, by far the most for the season in a half. With Nurse they should be able to contain the star guard duo of Temple but with her out, it will be tougher for Chong and Dangerfield to accomplish the same thing. The Owls have a clear advantage in the back court.

Some crazy stats from the first game.

UConn scored 97 points in the game but was only 4-16 on threes.

Temple scored 18 points in the first half and 51 points in the second half. Insane.

5'9" Guard Tanaya Atkinson had 10 rebounds in the last game against UConn. Not so crazy. But NINE of those were offensive rebounds. Very Crazy. I remember a lot of long rebounds off three point misses that she corralled.      

Both Collier and Williams had four blocks each. Nuts!!!! 

Final Prediction

This is a really tough game to call. UConn is still undefeated but in their last two games they only scored in the 60's. Temple is playing some of their best basketball of the seasons since losing to UConn.

The last game was at Temple so UConn's home court advantage in this game should be a difference maker, but the game is at the XL center, not in Storrs. UConn needs a big turnout.  

The guards favor Temple, the front court favors UConn. So who will dominate more?

I just think that the close game against Tulane will still be on their minds and the Huskies will continue some of their struggles. If Temple continues to shoot well on threes, the game could be pretty close. Nurse would be a big help in shutting down their guards. 

I expect Temple to be not as hot, and that the UConn frontcourt will dominate the game.

So, I'll go with UConn by 15+.  Nurse is just that important. 

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DoggyDaddy's Dailies 2/20/17


If you missed it, here is my UConn/Tulane Post Game Report.

And here is my UConn/Temple Pre Game Report.


I posted this yesterday - "So much parity in WCBB this season. Other than UConn handling every challenge put in front of them, the rest of the teams can win or lose any game between the top teams."

Boy, did I ever hit that one out of the park. So many upsets and near upsets.

Five top 25 teams lost Sunday and two others were taken down to the wire before pulling out a win.

The only two games I watched was the Temple upset of No. 22 South Florida and the Missouri upset of No. 6 South Carolina.

Temple ran out to a big lead as much as 13 points. USF made a great comeback to take a lead with 5 minutes remaining in the game 62-61. A few minutes of exchanging the lead led to a 67-64 USF lead with 2:22 left in the game. But Temple was on fire from beyond the arc. Fitzgerald his a big three to tie it, hit two free throws to take the lead and then Butts hit a corner three to extend the lead to five points 72-67 with under a minute remaining. Temple put the game away at the free throw line. I'm sure this will, along with their second half against UConn,  give them extreme confidence coming into Hartford to face the Huskies on Wednesday.

Missouri and No. 6 South Carolina was a very entertaining game. South Carolina had a really tough time in this one. The game was close throughout and Sophie Cunningham was just terrific for Missouri with 26 points. A'ja Wilson answered that with 23 points of her own, going 9-11 from the field. Coates only played 20 minutes before fouling out, further proving that she is not an AA candidate. Kaela Davis has totally lost her game. She only had 6 points on 2-11 from the field and missing all of her three point shots. She added 7 turnovers. Every one of those just killed SC.    

Check out the other upsets in my Top 25 section. Crazy Sunday!!!

Congrats to Washington's Kelsey Plum who scored 35 points in No. 9 Washington's 87-74 win over USC. This moves her into second place in NCAA women's history in scoring. She only needed 3 points to pass Brittany Griner and now has 3,315 points only behind Jackie Styles with 3393. That's only 78 points behind. She will either go crazy and do it in her next two games against Colorado and Utah but for sure in the following game in the PAC12 tournament. It's only a matter of time.

By David in Naples!!!!!

Katie Lou Samuelson is in the middle of a shooting slump, right? Just ask anyone. She went 0-5 from three point range against South Carolina and 0-7 from that distance versus Tulsa. In fact, in the last five games, KLS is only 8-35 from beyond the arc. That is just 22.8%. Revoke the scholarship, right? Not so fast...

In the three other recent games, Lou was 3-11, 3-6 and 2-6 from three point range. That is 34.7%. You can say that is bad, but it is ahead of Diamond DeShields' 34.3% for the whole season. Lou has fallen all the way to 42% from three for the year. ;)   What about shots other than three pointers? Inside the arc, Samuelson is 23-42 or 54.8% in the last five games. What a slump..!  For the season, on every shot she has taken, Katie Lou is 190-391 or 48.6%. Kelsey Mitchell, everyone's All American, has taken 487 shots and made 44.4%. In order to fall to Mitchell's accuracy rate, Lou would have to miss 70 of her next 96 shots. Not likely...

In those last five games when Lou has stunk up the arena, she has averaged 30 minutes per game and 16.2 points per contest. She also had 16 rebounds and 14 assists. Maybe hold off on sitting her on the bench or putting her down to the JV. 8-)

Go Huskies..!! 


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Late games in Green


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