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The Boys are taking care of their animals. 
Paige in coming in for a diagnosis.


Happy last night of Chanukah!! 


Well, ain't that a kick in the pants. I'm getting ready to start writing my post game analysis and then lightning hit. It was just awful to see. A no contact knee injury scares the hell out of me. I appreciate Geno making me feel a little better with his possible hyperextended knee analysis early from the doctor's examniation but until we hear more, I'm holding my breath. So, let's wait until we know more and move on to what looked like a turning point game and a reason for optimism.

Notre Dame is a much improved team from the last two seasons. They put up a very good battle. But UConn hammered the boards, hit more threes, and just played better than they have all season. 

Paige was Paige. All over the court on defense with her 5 steals and making clutch shots and opportune passes. 22 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds. In 39 minutes. Would have been 40 but for...... 

It was the coming out party for Caroline Ducharme. She didn't get in the game until 3 minutes were left in the first half. Her contribution was only on the defensive end with two rebounds a 1 block. At this point she had scored only 7 points on the SEASON. Her third quarter stats were zeros across the board. Then something clicked. She got plenty of minutes and hit a nice move to the basket for 2 points with a little over 7 minutes left in the game. Paige set her up for an open three and when she drained it, the floodgames opened. She hit two more threes and ended up with 14 points in those 7 minutes. It wasn't just the scoring, she was confident enough to take 10 shots. It looks like she got the message and with so many injuries, UConn needs her to keep it up. 

It wasn't the best game for Christyn Williams but she did what UConn needed her to do. She helped the Huskies corral the Irish with her terrific defense and she handed out 6 assists. 

I thought this was one of Olivia Nelson-Ododa's better games. She was so aggressive on the boards and in the post offensively. Scoring 14 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. She added 2 blocks and did a great job on the Notre Dame center, Dodson. holding her to 2-11 shooting. The announcer actually called her physical. It was good to hear. They need more of that.     

Edwards had an interesting game. She did score 10 points but how the heck did she not have any rebounds? I'll have to watch the game and double check!!! Overall, she is getting there.

Evina Westbrook had an early three pointer, and contributed 7 rebounds, but that was about it. She seems to be off the last few games. Hopefully with you-know-who missing some time, she will pick up her game.  

Dorka seems to be getting the hand of the offense. Not shooting very much, I thought she still played well. Especially on the defensive end. She added 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

Nike did a great job early in this game hitting two threes to help match Notre Dame when they were still in the game. UConn will need more of that the next few games. Does she get the start while Paige is out? I would think so.  

Well, there is a couple of sad faces. I can't wait until both are back. 
Yes, Paige will likely be joining them for hopefully a little while. 

UConn played some great defense in this game and it's clear it's going to have to carry them through this tough run of injuries. 

They held Notre Dame to 31% shooting, and 6-17 on threes. They forces 16 turnovers and held the Irish to 54 points, only 10 in the 4th quarter. 

Did I mention I hate anyone named Mabrey? I loved how Paige suckered her into a foul. 

Dawn Staley put it best. God bless her. 


Post Game Videos

ACC Game Highlights
ND Perspective

Paige Highlights

Geno on Paige Injury

Geno Post Game Interview

Olivia Nelson-Ododa and Caroline Ducharme 
Post Game Interview 

Coming up Next

UConn travels to the Peach State to take on Georgia Tech on Thursday, December 9th at 7:00. It will be broadcast on ESPN2. 

The Yellow Jackets are coming off an upset over No. 20 Georgia 55-54 on Sunday. 

They follow up on Saturday against UCLA who had a tough go on Sunday beating San Jose State 112-33. No that is not a mistake. A 79 point win. 


Straight from the Dog

Only one upset in the Top 25 Sunday. In the battle of the Peach State, No. 20 Georiga went down to Georgia Tech removing the Lady Bulldogs from the rolls of the unbeaten teams. It was a close gaem thoughout but the Yellow Jackets pulled away late and took the game 55-54. 

This game wasn't an upset based on rankings, but No. 15 Texas went into Texas A&M's home court and pretty much blew them out. the Aggies held a very early lead but the Longhorns was just more physical. One more undefeated team goes down.

In what came close to an upset, No. 11 Tennessee pulled another game out in the fourth quarter to beat Virginia Tech 64-58. It took a 25 point fourth quarter to give the Lady Vols the win. I was wondering something about Tennessee's scoring by quarter so I looked it up. 

Game 1 - 21-7. - won by 10
Game 2 - 15-11 - won by 8
Game 3 - 14-5  - won by 3 
Game 4 - 20-10 (sent game itnto OT)
Game 5 - 21-18 - won by 10
Game 6 - 13-16 - won by 25
Game 7 - 20-13 - won by 28
Game 8 - 25-16 - won by 6 

They won 7 our of 8  fourth quarters by a combined score of 149-96. An average of 19-12.
They won the the first three quarters by 373-332. An average of 47-42. 

I have not idea what that all means. But I'll find a way to make it negative about

Elon, Belmont, Akron, Longwood, Merrimack, Charleston Southern. The MOV for those games were 41.6. Please Top 25 teams, play less cupcakes.        

We have co-winners and two very deserving teams.

UCLA, UConn's opponment on Saturday beat up on San Jose State 112-33. I usually don't give bonus points for points given up and MOV but the Spartans deserves it.
33 points scored, shooting 21.2% from the field, 3-19 on threes, 61% from the line and 18 turnovers with only 3 assists does the trick.
Florida State, who shouldn't even be ranked put a hurting on Charleston Southern 83-32. They don't have the bonus points but still scored only 32 points. They shot 23.8% from the field, 3-16 on threes, and 7-13 from the line. Their 23 turnovers and 4 assists put them over the top.     
Congrats to the Bucs and Spartans. UGGY winners!!!    



By David in Naples

Beating Notre Dame is like getting free desert, and finding out it is that triple chocolate cake. 😎

Lots to love in today’s game and one thing to dislike...

Love items:

1. Ducharme scoring 14 points in her coming out party. 3 for 5 from deep...! In 14 minutes..!
2. Liv with 13 boards to lead UConn’s 45-32 dominance in rebounding.
3. ND with only 10 points in the 4th period.
4. The Domers missing 40 shots (of 58) and making only 31% from the field.
5. Nika 2-4 from 3 point arc.
6. Paige with 22 points, all the starters for ND with only 30 pts.
7. Christyn leading the team with 6 assists.

Bad item:

You know...

Beating Notre Dame... at a sold out Gampel... Christmas come early with chocolate cake..!

Go Huskies..!

P.S. -

Tonight’s strange stats:

1. Aaliyah Edwards with 22 minutes and 0 rebounds.
2. Dorka with 22 minutes and 0 points.
3. Every player with at least 1 turnover totaling 21 overall.


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Doggy's Doghouse 12/4/20211






Matching astronaut pajamas!!

Happy seventh night of Chanukah!! 


               No. 2 UCONN                            No. 24 NOTRE DAME
                          4-1                                                    7-1            

Sunday 12/5/21 
12:00 noon
Gample Pavillion
  Storrs, Ct
TV - FS1

Prior Meetings

H: 21-4 | A: 12-4 | N: 5-5

 01/18/96 #3 UConn 87, ND 64 South Bend, Ind. 
02/24/96 #3 UConn 86, ND 79 Storrs, Conn. 
03/05/96 #2 UConn 71, ND 54 Storrs, Conn. 
02/09/97 #1 UConn 72, ND 49 Storrs, Conn. 
03/04/97 #1 UConn 86, ND77 Storrs, Conn. 
12/06/97 #3 UConn 78, ND 59 South Bend, Ind. 
02/21/98 #2 UConn 73, ND 61 Storrs, Conn. 
03/02/98 #3 UConn 73, ND 53 Piscataway, N.J. 
12/08/98 #1 UConn 106, ND 81 South Bend, Ind. 
03/02/99 #6 UConn 96, ND 75 Piscataway, N.J. 
02/26/00 #1 UConn 77, ND 59 Hartford, Conn. 
01/15/01 ND 92, #1 UConn 76 South Bend, Ind.
03/06/01 #2 UConn 78, ND 76 Storrs, Conn. 
03/30/01 ND 90, #1 UConn 75 St. Louis, Mo. 
01/21/02 #1 UConn 80, ND 53 Hartford, Conn. 
01/20/03 #2 UConn 72, ND 53 South Bend, Ind. 
02/23/03 #1 UConn 77, ND59 Storrs, Conn. 
01/13/04 ND 66, #4 UConn 51 South Bend, Ind.
01/12/05 #16 UConn 67, #7 ND 50 South Bend, Ind. 
01/30/05 #6 ND 65, #9 UConn 59 Storrs, Conn.
03/07/05 #14 UConn 67, #10 ND 54 Hartford, Conn. 
02/19/06 #8 UConn 79, ND 64 South Bend, Ind. 
03/05/06 #7 UConn 71, ND 60 Hartford, Conn. 
01/27/07 #6 UConn 64, ND 47 Storrs, Conn. 
01/27/08 #1 UConn 81, #16 ND 64 South Bend, Ind. 
02/22/09 #1 UConn 76, #24 ND 66 Hartford, Conn. 
01/16/10 #1 UConn 70, #3 ND 46 Storrs, Conn. 
03/01/10 #1 UConn 76, #8 ND 51 South Bend, Ind. 
03/08/10 #1 UConn 59, #6 ND 44 Hartford, Conn. 
01/08/11 #2 UConn 79, #19 ND 76 South Bend, Ind. 
02/19/11 #2 UConn 78, #8 ND 57 Storrs, Conn. 
03/08/11 #1 UConn 73, #10 ND 64 Hartford, Conn. 
04/03/11 #10 ND 72, #1 UConn 63 Indianapolis, Ind.
01/07/12 ND 74, #2 UConn 67 (OT) South Bend, Ind.
02/27/12 #3 ND 72, #4 UConn 59 Storrs, Conn.
03/06/12 #4 UConn 63, #3 ND 54 Hartford, Conn. 
04/01/12 #4 ND 83, #3 UConn 75 (OT) Denver, Colo.
01/05/13 #5 ND 73, #1 UConn 72 Storrs, Conn.
03/04/13 #2 ND 96, #3 UConn 87 (3OT) South Bend, Ind.
03/12/13 #2 ND 62, #3 UConn 59 Hartford, Conn.
04/07/13 #3 UConn 85, #2 ND 65 New Orleans, La. 
04/08/14 #1 UConn 79, #2 ND 58 Nashville, Tenn. 
12/06/14 #3 UConn 76, #2 ND 58 South Bend, Ind. 
04/07/15 #1 UConn 63, #2 ND 53 Tampa, Fla. 
12/05/15 #1 UConn 91, #3 ND 81 Storrs, Conn. 
12/07/16 #1 UConn 72, #2 ND 61 South Bend, Ind. 
12/03/17 #1 UConn 80, #3 ND 71 Hartford, Conn. 
03/30/18 #3 ND 91, #1 UConn 89 (OT) Columbus, Ohio
12/02/18 #2 UConn 89, #1 ND 71 South Bend, Ind.
04/05/19 #3 ND 81, #2 UConn 76 Tampa, Fla.
 12/08/19 #2 UConn 81, ND 57 Storrs, Conn

I put the UConn wins in bold to emphasize the UConn dominance

Full game from the last time they met


There are just a few players on both teams that played in the last game between these two teams.

Brunelle and Peoples for Notre Dame.
Nelson-Ododa and Williams for UConn.  

So, pretty much, these teams have not really faced each other. A bunch of new players.

Here are the top 5 scorers in the rotation.  Citron comes off the bench. Much of this comes from the ND web site.

Sonia Citron - 6'1" freshman guard. She was a 2-time ACC Freshman of the Week award winner. She ranks in the top-4 on the team in points, rebounds, assists and steals. She’s averaging 11.6 points off the bench. Citron is 1-of-5 freshmen guards in the entire country averaging at least 10 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. In her previous game she scored 29 points in 28 minutes of play at Michigan State.

Olivia Miles - 5'10" freshman guard. She is averaging 11.5 points, 7.0 assists and6.1 rebounds. Miles and Iowa’s Caitlin Clark are the only two averaging at least 10 points/6 rebounds/7 assists. Miles’ 7.0 assist average ranks 2nd in the entire country. Miles has produced two double-doubles over the last four games.

Maya Dodson - 6'3" Grad Student - averaging 11.3 points and a team high 8.3 rebounds. She ranks in the top-25 in the country in both blocks and offensive-rebounds/game. Her 3.0 blocks/game rank 2nd in the ACC and 8th in the nation, while her 4.1 offensive boards/game rank 2nd in the ACC and 23rd in the nation.

Maddy Westbeld - 6'3" sophomore forward. She has had 7 straight games in double figures to kick off the season before it came to an end at Michigan State. She leads the Irish in scoring (14.5) knocking down 52.6 percent of her shots.

Dara Mabrey - 5'7" senior guard - veraging the second most points (11.6), second most assists (3.6) and second most steals (1.4). She ranks in the top-10 in the ACC in 5 categories – best of any Irish player. Her 2.1 threes/game rank 7th in the ACC while her .386 3PT FG% rank 6th.

Notre Dame is leading the ACC and ranking 11th in the nation in assists/game (19.2). They have twice this season dished out 30+. Notre Dame is also ranked 19th in the nation in shooting percentage (.470), 17th in rebounds/game (45.25) and 11th in defensive-rebounds/game (31.0), as the latter leads the ACC as well.

UConn is not playing at top of their game yet. The schedule has been  really jagged with either big gaps between games or the three games in three days. Five games is not enough. It's not the recipe for fixing issues.

I'm sure Geno will continue to figure it out. They took a big jump in rebounding against Seton Hall with Edwards grabbing 3 offensive rebounds and Dorka snaring 4. Edwards was a little sloppy with the ball but the rest of the team was good in taking care of the rock. It's a game they can build on.

The outside shooting is still a big issue, but UConn is not that bad on threes. In spite of the poor three point shooting, UConn is leading the country in FG percentage. They are one of only two teams shooting over 50% at 51.75. So maybe the aingst is a little over the top? 

Nothing like a good ole UConn/Notre Dame game to get the juices flowing. In Storrs with a full house and UConn Olympians in the audience getting recognized. I'm hopeful this motivates the Huskies to a better performance. Notre Dame is improved, so it won't be a blowoud. 

UCONN by 8+.     

Straight from the Dog

Several games of interest on Sunday.

Of course we have UConn vs Notre Dame. A definate national game being broadcast on FS1.

The battle for Georgia with Georgia Tech visiting undefeated 20th ranked Georgia. It's time for another upset!!!!

And a battle for Texas with future conference mates No. 15 Texas take a two hour bus ride to one more undefeated SEC team in No. 17 Texas A&M.  

No. 11 Tennessee, another undefeated SEC team makes a road trip to Virginia Tech. This should be an interesting game. 

Speaking of Tennessee.......

Wow, the Tennessee fans on are on fire when taking apart UConn and their players. Here are a few examples and my thoughts about their ignorance.

Saw just a little of the game yesterday. What I saw was when Bueckers went after a smaller player and grabbed the ball out of her hands, the refs called a foul, then she walked all over the court cradling the ball with both arms, looking shocked, while Geno argued the call. I found it ridiculously obnoxious. Wonder if her teammates get tired of her constantly seeking the limelight. Hope we slaughter UConn and the drama queen.

I didn't see the play so I won't comment on that. Maybe some of you did and can give me your take. However, she doesn't seek the limelight. A true team player, she is just that good so the limelight finds her. Drama queen? Moron.

And here is some follow up on the made up shit about Azzi Fudd and her parents not being happy.

If Geno took someone on a tour to get them on the team WHEN HE WASNT SUPPOSED to do that. What makes any of us think he may not have said "hey you come to uconn and you get to play with paige and be featured as a star? What else can you ask for?".

Huh? First of all, Geno didn't take anyone on a tour. Here is the ESPN article from 2008. The UConn office arrainged a tour that was available to the general public. Maya could have called and done it herself but someone in the office did it for her. Considered an impermissible benefit, is was a secondary violation. A letter went in a file. The end. And Azzi was and is best friends with Paige. And Azzi is already a star. So that last sentence is just dumb.  

My question is would it be unreasonable for a parent not to be happy with their daughter's situation. I don't care who the coach is. People transferred from TN because of this ( Sade Wileygatewood) so it isn't like being upset about a situation is uncommon. Could also be they have to adjust and they are complaining to their parents and parents vent their frustration.

What is Azzi's situation? She is first off the bench. Had a great game before the foot started to get worse. There IS no situation. Just some made up lies. 

With the stress injury... If Azzi is playing for lucrative money (which she is) is it unreasonable for a parent to say "well why the hell did it get to this point" out of frustration and maybe they cooled off after sometime.

There is NO indication that UConn has done anything wrong in handling Azzi's foot injury. Another dumb statement. 

I wouldn't be surprised if she stayed or if she left. Also I believe i stated i have close connections with a TOP 24' class member who actually plays with a 23' our coaches have targeted. Since they all played in that same area things get around. 

She heard this stuff from a Top 24 class member who played with a 23 Tennessee target because they are all from the same area. Ok, that's better. I'm convince.....sigh. It's call RUMORS. THIRD HAND RUMORS. Probably more like 5th or 6th hand rumors.    

For the final golden nugget Azzi announced Uconn was her choice pretty late for what everyone THINKS was a "duh we all knew that" moment

Actually, it wasn't pretty late. It was during the first signing period for her class. Do some players verbal earlier and then sign in that November? Sure. Paige was an early commit. April 2019 I believe. 

I didn't just pull this stuff out my backside it's being said. Whether there is truth to it or not I can't say exactly 💯 but when i tell you it comes from people in those circles that's all i can say. 

Yeah, like I said, convincing. Jealousy is so ugly. 


brackology dec 3 spokare tenn 3 seed north state 1 like tenn odds of wining that bracket. if rae comes back jan or before and has time knot off the rust in her game. espn

I don't want you to think I'm just picking on Tennessee fans. Well, maybe a little. But here is a winner from a poster on UConn message board. I'm actually friends with this guy, so I hope Eric will forgive me.

The team is a mess right now and I don't see a fix coming any time soon. No Azzi or Aubrey. Aside from Dorka, our bench was awful vs. Seton Hall. Nika with more fouls than points AND steals combined. Mir can play defense and rebound, but has not learned any kind of UCONN offense. CD4 looked almost like it was her first basketball game ever, or at the very least, very first college game ever.

I agree that the team is not performing as well as we all expected. But a mess? Way too harsh. Yes, no Azzi or Aubrey. It's really too bad. When they do come back look out! But there is enough on the bench to be a group that can give the starters enough rest. You have a 3 player rotation up front in Olivia, Edwards and Dorka and a 4 player rotation in the backcourt/wing. I'm including Nika. She showed last year what she can do. Check out her highlights from last year. Remember, we have all five starters back. I believe they will start playing like the team that played so well until that Arizona game. If they can get anything from Mir and Ducharme, it's just a bonus at this time. 




No. 5 Baylor 70 Missouri 68

No. 18 Oregon at Portland - Late Game


By Phil 

Taking the night off

By David in Naples

I will admit Friday’s victory over Seton Hall was not a masterpiece, but why all the chirping about the defense..? 


1. UConn held SH to 49 points, including only 36 in the last 3 periods.
2. Seton Hall only made 28% of their shots, and only 16% from three point range.
3. Seton Hall missed 42 shots but only had 4 on court offensive rebounds. 
4. UConn had 34 defensive rebounds.
5. The Huskies had 10 steals & forced 15 turnovers.
6. Seton Hall’s bench scored 0 points & 2 starters had a combined 2 points.
7. Seton Hall had only 6 points in the 2nd period.

The defense played well, not super great. But it was a vast improvement from the South Carolina game. Progress often comes incrementally, not in leaps. Build on that ladies..!

Go Huskies..!


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